Like many of my generation, I grew up on a diet of science fiction dramas, dreams of space exploration, and fascination with the strange ways in which the physical universe operated. Eventually, I discovered Einstein’s relativity theories, the writings of Stephen Hawking, and the bizarre quantum character of nature. I became a physics addict, reading everything I could get my hands on. It was inevitable that these ideas would find their way into my art and would inform my search for meaning in my personal experiences amidst a vast, dispassionate universe.

Using oil, acrylic and other media, my artworks combine representational and abstract elements to fuse the personal with the cosmic over a geometric structure. My pictures are concerned with the immensity of the cosmos as well as tiny fluctuations on a quantum scale. They reveal observations about the universality of the human condition, along with the preciousness of individual experiences. In the end, everything that is and was and may be is a potential ingredient to be combined in the soup of reality portrayed by my pictures.